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Serdi 100 seat & guide machinery. This video shows 4-valve BMW head being disassembled.

Precision Pin Honing by Sunnen. Video shows checking wristpin clearance in rods and pistons to +/- .0001"!!! Vertical Boring Equipment by Kwik-Way. boring engine block square with main centerline and deck surface to within .0005 all-over. Piston Ring Gap Filer - Custom Made by PRI, Inc. This equipment checks and corrects ring end-gap to precise tolerances.
Cylinder Block & Cylinder Head Resurfacing - The Storm Vulcan. This video shows aluminum cylinder head being milled to correct chamber volume. This will properly establish the desired compression ratio. Precision cylinder re-sizing on Sunnen CK-10 using deck plates. Computer-Driven Crank Shaft Balancing System. This video shows equipment that balances to within .3 gram each end.
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